We Bring Innovation

Floo-id is a versatile interactive agency.
Like our name suggests, if you’ve been saying it right, we’re free-flowing, especially when it comes to scale. No job is too small. When crafted with an inspired approach, every small job can make a big impact.


Floo-id Digital Agency has, or rather, is, a network of talent with a broad set of skills. We tailor our output precisely to what your job requires. And if it’s something we haven’t done before, we get very excited about the opportunity to learn.

Your tasks are assigned the talent most specialised to take them on. We’re all small parts working together to drive a greater machine. The Floo-id team is pulled together from throughout the industry, working cooperatively online to make a smart, adaptable, cloud-based agency.

A modern solution to a modern world with modern business problems.

We like to think we’re contemporary.

As we grow, our clients have access to an ever increasing pool of specialists at their disposal, with stand-by expertise in multiple fields or once off web wizards for the more unique jobs.


What we really love to do is struggle. There’s nothing more satisfying than a challenge, and we take difficult tasks as the highest form of compliment.When we really have to flex our mind muscles and fire up the old noodle, we know we’re onto something good.

If it wasn’t for our steadily growing list of clients, our web voodoo would start to suffer, because as we all know, practice makes perfect. Think of our Clients Page as the Floo-id Dojo. Each new task is another opportunity to hone our skills.


Abigail van Zyl


Managing Director - JHB

Samantha Holt


Managing Director - CPT


Taka Portfolio

It's the Island life for us

Have you ever visited the Seychelles? It’s beautiful. Really, really beautiful. We were pretty excited when Takamaka gave us the opportunity to bring their island life approach to the world, online. A collection delicious selection of rums available around the world, and now one of our favourite clients. Social media, some SEO wizardry and all of a sudden, “carefree” was something that we helped bring to the world of digital.

We’ll drink to that!

Cyanre Portfoilio

007 Mzanzi

You think 007 South African style. We think, we love working with the top minds in SA.

Everyone loves a true spy movie but the truth is everyone loves a romance. Its the chemistry that we have with Cyanre that makes us love the work they do and the work we do together. Business 2 Business is a tricky space but we rock it!

Top to bottom digital and some sneaky above the line is the name of the game and with such a cool business its not difficult to make them look good!

It’s also a brand that needs cool videos and infographics – which we love doing.

Thrive Portfoilio

Do you even lift bro?

Thrive Health & Nutrition isn’t about selling the trendiest protein shake, it’s about making long term health benefits.

We helped them come up with that!

Starting with a logo redesign, we helped them come up with and roll out a new look and feel on Instagram and Facebook. Sprinkled with some email marketing, print advertising and a website with a little SEO, and all of a sudden Thrive Health & Nutrition begins to look pretty exciting.


Danny Myburgh

Jan 2017

Floo-id have been our digital agency for over a year now. Our industry is unusual with regular changes due to the fact that it is an ever-changing environment, which requires on the trot and innovative thinking. Floo-id have been both innovative and forward thinking with our marketing. Floo-id proactively identify the best platforms at the right time, find and write articles and concepts to keep our brand current and so to speak “on the front page”. Floo-id keeps us informed and is constantly coming up with new suggestions. I would recommend Floo-id at any time as your marketing partner of choice.

Bernard d'Offay

Feb 2017

Takamaka Rum hired Floo-id to take some of the pressure off us simple island folks & handle some of our social media work. We were so impressed with their professionalism and quality of work that they are now an integral part of our team and manage our SEO, social media & blogs. 10 out of 10 for Floo-id.

Jay de Jongh

Dec 2017

Over a year has passed since we changed service providers – Floo-id’s service has put us on a different level and we continue to grow. Our previous agency was not up to date with new ideas and the ever changing landscape of Digital marketing this led to our emails and phones being dead. This was a huge worry as our turnover dropped and even though we had the equipment to supply the market, the market didn’t find us easily on the web.In our initial meeting with Floo-id they mentioned one very important point which was that they would be able to make the phones ring but it’s was up to us to turn the calls into business. 2016 has been an absolute winner as I have the all the right people in place. Our turnover has grown and there has been positive company growth.